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64 Years old
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Zodiac Sign:cancer

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Interests:Creating visual Art to music ... more so now we have HD filming technology. Also, my old long standing love for `Audiophile` sound recording, and quality musicians to do it justice.

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Well, if you’ve found “Project Overseer Productions” now you’ve found the Artist. My main concern these days is helping to promote some of the amazing talent found in the World of Independent music, and Project Overseer Productions is proud to admit that we have some of the best examples to be found on the Net. The man behind this `Online Music Distribution` concept is “Chris Bishop” … a Producer & Engineer whom in the resent past has created music & sounds for media application, albeit in a small way. His passion and love for music and `Audiophile` quality sound is still very much part of Chris’s life – an interest going back to the late 70’s before having the opportunity of working (learning) for a few years in a small commercial recording studio in London during the 80’s. Chris says: “I’m not really a musician, well I’ve never seen myself as such … the music side of things came about by chance really … I used to (in my spare time at work) toy with the new digital Synths arriving in the Studio during the late 80’s, and I learnt from various musicians the basics of midi programming and the interest developed from there. People started liking my musical ideas, which for a long time I found hard to except, but in 1995 I was paid for some compositions and also created jingles for local radio stations, then the very early stages of Project Overseer Productions was born. Well things have come a long way from then … you can find Project Overseer Productions (Chris Bishop) along with some of the most incredible talent on the Internet – why not visit and find out more.

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Basically been making sounds and music for media application over the years, but now enjoy the fun aspects of this art whilst helping to promote very talented Independents.

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Date 03/14/08 10:18

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